Zhang Scholarship

Zhang Badminton Scholarship Program

The Zhang Badminton Scholarship program is initiated and funded by Vicky Zhang, a proud STBA member. It aims to provide financial assistance to STBA junior players in areas such as travelling cost for attending inter/intra-state tournaments, and purchasing much needed gear, etc.

Each year, there will be 2 rounds of scholarship applications. The successful applicant will receive up to $1,000 as scholarship for each round. The 1st round will open for application in August and 2nd round in February each year.


Who should apply?

To be considered for a scholarship, you must be:

  • A member/junior member of the Southern Tasmania Badminton Association,
  • A maximum 17 years of age at the beginning of the current calendar year, and
  • Competed in at least one state sanctioned tournament and Tasmanian Championship tournament in current calendar year.


Selection criteria

The decision to grant a scholarship is based on the following criteria:

  • Financial need,
  • Tournament result,
  • Recognized contribution to the badminton community, and
  • Additional criteria that are established by the donor e.g.
    • appropriate demeanour on and off court;
    • recommendation from STBA committee;
    • recommendation by accredited coach.


Key dates

1st February First round application opens
30th June First round application closes
31st July Announcing first round application result
1st August Second round application opens
31st December Second round application closes
31st January Announcing second round application result



Complete the application form and email to [email protected]


Microsoft Word form download

Printable form download