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The STBA is the largest badminton association in Tasmania, hosting many rosters, tournaments, casual sessions and events each year. Badminton is the all year, all skills, all levels, all people, all fun sport. To be involved in these great activities, a players is required to register as an STBA Member, and there are other benefits as well as shown below.

Membership benefits

  • Eligible to play in all STBA competitions
  • Eligible to play in STBA Tournaments
  • Eligible to vote at STBA Annual General Meetings
  • Access to a discounted court rate ($20 per hour instead of $25 per hour) – please allow up to 48 hours for your membership status to be updated to Skedda

Members agree to the following rules & By-Laws:

Online Membership Application

You can apply for or renew your annual membership online by completing the Online Membership Form.  You can also pay online following the form, or in person later with the instructions provided. The annual subscription of a Member is due and payable on or before the first day of March in each year and covers a twelve month period until the last day of February in the following year.

Online Membership Form