Tournaments at the STBA

STBA is host to regional, national and international tournaments. Annual STBA tournaments include the STBA Invitational, the City of Hobart Championships and also the STBA Junior Championships, a new initiative commenced by the STBA in 2021. 

See the below dates for the tournaments running in Tasmania. 

If you would like to participate in a tournament, you’ll need to check your grading prior to entry per the STBA 2021 Grading List, click here to view it!




2021 City of Hobart Championships

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Hobart (STBA)

October 23rd – 24th

2021 GOSEN Tasmanian Teams Championships & Bellchambers Cup

Hobart (STBA)

November 6th – 7th

2021 Tasmanian Championships


November 27th – 28th