General Information

At the STBA we offer many types of competitions throughout the year, including both rosters and tournaments. Currently due to COVID-19 we are only beginning to restart our competitions. At this stage we are running a Lightning Roster during August and we will hopefully offer more competitions after the conclusion of the first Lightning Roster. 


Summer Lightning Roster⚡


A four week competition, commencing on the week of the 22nd of November and concluding the week of the 13th of December.

All games will start at 7:30pm and will be timeboxed to 9:30pm. 


– $40 entry fee

– Players must provide their own shuttles each week, usually 1 or 2 shuttles.

What night would I play?

1) Combined open doubles – lower grades played out on Monday and higher grades on Tuesday evenings; players may be required to switch nights depending on wins and losses as part of the lightning roster format. 

2) Ladies only doubles – played out on Wednesday evenings.

3) Juniors only doubles – also played out on Wednesday evenings (for players aged 18 years old and younger).

3) Combined open singles – played out on Thursday evenings.

4) Paired Doubles – played out on a Sunday evening. Players will play with a partner of their choice for the duration of the roster. Players will record their partner’s name on this form. Entries will not be accepted until both players have completed this form. There is no limitation on who can be a player’s partner (i.e. M/F, F/F or M/F). 


Spring Pennant Competition


– Roster from 7th September to 9th November.

– Semi-finals on the 16th November (Division 1 & 3) and 17th November (division 2 & 4).

– Grand Finals on the 20th November.


– Tie format of 3 matches per night (2 doubles and 1 mixed).

– Teams of 3 men & 3 women.

– All ties timeboxed to 9:30pm.


– $10 per night not including shuttles that you must provide each night of play.

– $0 for registration.

What night would I play?

– Monday – Division 3

– Tuesday – Division 4

– Wednesday – Division 1

– Thursday – Division 2


2020 Tasmanian Championships

On the 14th and 15th November, the STBA will be hosting the Tasmanian Championships. 

Please check your current grading on our grading list, prior to registering. 

To register, please click here.