The STBA Invitational

The STBA Invitational

When is the tournament running?

The STBA Invitational is running on the 19th and 20th of September.

Entries open on Wednesday the 19th of August and close on Friday the 11th of September.

What events are there?

There will be the opportunity to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles. 

The divisions available will be Open Division, Division A, Division B, Division C, Division D, Boys & Girls U/15, U/17  and U/19.

How do I know what division I am in?

You must look for your name on our current grading list (click here). This list is indicative and the STBA reserves the right to make any adjustments to a player’s division(s) they have entered prior to the tournament. If you are unsure please contact [email protected].

How much do events cost to enter?

Open Singles – $20

Open & Mixed Doubles – $15

All other Singles – $15

All other Doubles – $10

What is the maximum number of events I can enter?

You can enter a maximum of 5 events. 

How do I enter?

Follow this link (click here) and it will take you to the site used to register.