Term 2 – Super Smash and Junior Coaching

What is the Super Smash Program?

The Super Smash Program is the ultimate way for kids to develop their game and play badminton in a challenging, fun, teams and supportive environment.

What is the Junior Coaching Program?

The junior coaching program is a 1-hour coaching program for beginner and intermediate players. Throughout the coaching program, players will learn to improve their badminton skills, shots, technique, fitness, footwork and strategy.

The first week of the programs on the 24th of April will be a grading day. On this day players will be assessed by the coaches and placed in their relevant coaching and playing groups for the duration of the roster. This process will ensure players are receiving the most suitable coaching experience and therefore the best opportunity to develop and improve their skills. However, at the discretion of a coach, a player may be moved at a later date between groups if deemed necessary and beneficial for the player.

This Term's program will operate differently to others due to several disruptions. These disruptions include the inaugural STBA Junior Championships running on the 1st of May and the court resurfacing that is likely to take up the 22nd and 29th of May, with the potential of impacting another weekend. These disruptions have been accounted for in the pricing of the programs.

It is a requirement of the Super Smash Program (not the junior coaching) that the participant is a member of the STBA.

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