Team Pennant

We have a 6-week break coming up between the Winter Pennant and the final Pennant of the year, and we are trialing a different opportunity for players – Team Pennant. 

You enter your own team of 4 players, and each week players will play 3 doubles matches, with one of the team members playing a singles game (this can rotate or the team can nominate their singles player – or talk with your opponents and come to an arrangement). 

The games will run over 5 weeks, and the cost will be $50 per team member ($200 per team). Nights of play will be dependent on the number of teams entered, but we will endeavor to keep them on the same nights as current divisions. Games will commence at 7.15 sharp each night of play.

Registrations Close: Sunday 6th August
Roster Start Date: 14th August 2023

If you want to play but don’t have a team, use the Facebook page or talk to players in your division now! If you have any questions, please have a chat with us at reception or mail [email protected]

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