9 Lives Shuttle Recycle Program

Sustainability – 9 Lives Shuttle Recycle Program


Over the course of one year did you know that STBA uses thousands upon thousands upon thousands of shuttles each year – up to 30,000 in fact!

Yes, that is a gobsmacking amount!

How can we be more sustainable & resourceful? What can we do differently & better?

Here is our solution…

Way forward

Until now the majority of all used and discarded shuttles have been thrown in the big blue rubbish bins courtside, never to see the light of day again because there was no other option.

The problem here is that most of these 30,000 shuttles do have many lives and flights left in them. No, not at optimum match level but absolutely perfect (with a little TLC) to take into schools, for coaches to train players with, special events, or even to offer as practice shuttles and other programs.

Endless possibilities!

The process of making just one shuttle is lengthy and takes considerable valued resources.

To be more sustainable and resourceful, at the Season Launch on 13th January 2019 the STBA President Robert Brockman and Development Officer Donna Meaghan launched a fantastic new initiative to be proud of:

9 Lives Shuttle Recycle Program

“where every shuttle has another chance to fly and to make another player happy and the planet too!”

We ask you to easily support this initiative by:

  • STOP – don’t place any used shuttles in the blue bins
  • Place all used shuttles, regardless of their condition in the clear containers under the umpire’s chairs. The ones with a green tick!

Both the clear containers and blue rubbish bins and now signed (see images below) to remind all players of best practice. The shuttle containers will be cleared out regularly and sorted for their next life!

We thank you for your support of this new initiative.

Donna Meaghan
Development Officer, STBA