Night Roster Information

STBA Night Roster Information

The STBA night roster is a pennant based competition allowing players to be placed into teams and compete against other teams for a season, complete with finals series.

Typically this will include playing 4 games per night, commonly 2 doubles, 1 mixed and 1 singles.  The format does change occasionally depending on numbers and with singles often replaced by another doubles or mixed in the summer season.

There are currently 4 divisions of roster catering for the different levels of experience across our players and ensuring everyone should be able to get good competitive games.

Nomination for the upcoming Roster(s):

  • If a new roster is approaching, a link to the nomination form will be available here.  If not, check back later, and keep an eye on Facebook and our newsletter for info about rosters – we also email existing members when they are open.
  • Nominating Players wishing to play roster must be a current STBA member.
  • Late nominations may or may not be accepted at the discretion of the committee and depending on places available.
  • The pennant information page will detail the starting night for roster.  Roster sessions will also be shown on the STBA Centre Schedule, or not shown if they are not on for any reason (i.e. some public holidays).
  • If you are a new player, we require you to attend a grading night. This is a free event where we get you to play one or two games of badminton in order to put you in the correct division.