Roster Information – Nomination Form

Roster Information

The STBA night roster is a pennant based competition allowing players to be placed into teams and compete against other teams for a season, complete with finals series.

Typically this will include playing ~4 games per night, commonly 2 doubles, 1 mixed and 1 singles.  The format does change occasionally depending on numbers and with singles often replaced by another doubles or mixed in the summer season.

There are currently 4 divisions of roster catering for the different levels of experience across our players and ensuring everyone should be able to get good competitive games.

To nominate for roster you will need to already be an STBA member.  You can do this as part of your nomination by paying your membership online at the same time or complete separately here).

Nomination for the upcoming Roster(s):

  • Nominating Players wishing to play roster must be a current STBA member.
  • Nominations close on the nominated date found on the pennants information page.
  • Late nominations may or may not be accepted at the discretion of the committee and depending on places available.
  • The pennant information page will detail the starting night for roster.  Roster sessions will also be shown on the STBA Centre Schedule, or not shown if they are not on for any reason (i.e. some public holidays).
  • If you are a new player, we require you to attend a grading night. This is a free event where we get you to play one or two games of badminton in order to put you in the correct division.

Current (2019) Roster Registration fees

  • 1 Roster: $40 – will cover you for a single upcoming roster.
  • 3 Rosters: $105 – will cover you for the upcoming roster and the next 2 consecutive rosters wrapping into the next year if necessary.
  • If you are not currently a member, you will have the option to include and pay online for your membership with this nomination.
  • If registration is not paid before or on the first night of roster the STBA may not allocate points to the team.

The nomination form will allow players to pay online by selecting from the Pay Online options box.  This will allow the selection of paying for one, or 3 consecutive rosters, with or without membership.  If you do not wish to pay online, do not select anything form the Pay Online option.  If you accidentally do, you can still lodge your form and cancel at the payment point after that. 

If you have previously paid for 3 rosters, including this one you can also mark this on the form. 

Nominations for Roster 3 are now closed