Sunday Singles Lightning Roster – June-July 2022

Key Information

This competition will run for five weeks, commencing on the week of the 26th of June and concluding the week of the 24th July.

This event will be held on a Sunday night with games commencing at 7.30pm sharp.

All matches are timeboxed to 9.30pm.

This is a five week competition, with promotion and demotion each week based on performance.

This roster costs $50 to be paid upfront when registering.

In addition to the $50 entry fee, players will also be responsible for supplying shuttles each week. Traditionally, each player generally needs to supply 1 or 2 shuttles each week (the exact amount will be determined by your pool at the start of each night). Shuttles are available to purchase from reception.

Entries for this competition close on Thursday the 16th June.