Lightning Rosters

A Lightning Roster is a short and sharp offering to allow those who can’t commit over longer periods of time. These are not team-based, but you will mix with other players dependant on yours and their results. The winning entry on the court moves up (or stays on Court 1), while the bottom placed entry on the court will be moved back a court (or stays on Court 8). 

Entries are now open for the following Lightning Rosters:

  • Sunday’s – Singles and Paired Doubles


  • These commence on the appropriate day of the week starting 16th April, and run for 5 consecutive weeks.
  • Players/pairs will play 3 games per night. 
  • All games will start at Paired doubles starts at 5.00PM and is timeboxed to 7.00PM, and singles starts at 7:30pm and will be timeboxed to 9:30pm. 
  • Registrations will close Wednesday the 9th of April or when maximum capacities are reached. 

*irrespective of scores and how many games are left to play.


  • $50 entry fee per competition, per player – players can enter multiple events.
  • Players must provide their own shuttles each week, usually 1 or 2 shuttles.
  • Players must be a registered STBA member in order to play in the roster.

Are there any limits to entries?

This is first-come, first-served. So if you want to play, make sure you enter IMMEDIATELY. 

  • Paired Doubles (20 pairs) – players will record their partner’s name on this form. Entries will not be accepted until both players have completed this form. There is no limitation on who can be a player’s partner (i.e. MD or WD or XD).
  • Combined open singles (20 players).

Further Information:


You are required to find your own fill-in to play for you if you are unavailable to play on any given week. In the lightning roster, we must be informed of who the fill-in is prior to games commencing on the evening, and it must be marked on the sheet for the night’s games. Fill-ins cannot be promoted, however they can still be demoted. When choosing a fill-in, try your best to find someone of a similar skill level to ensure the skill within your current pool is appropriate – it’s not fun for anyone when there’s a skill mismatch! 

Please select all options that you would like to play

Your submission will not be counted until you have paid on the next screen. You will receive a confirmation email when we get your nomination. You are expected to find your own fill-in player if you are unavailable to play (this can be done by posting on the 'Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association (Players)' group or you can visit Additionally you are required to pay your STBA Membership prior to commencing the roster.