January Lightning Roster⚡


A six week competition, commencing on the week of the 17th of January and concluding the week of the 21st of February.

All games will start at 7:30pm and will be timeboxed to 9:30pm. 


– $60 entry fee

– Players must provide their own shuttles each week, usually 1 or 2 shuttles.

– Players must be a registered STBA member in order to play in the roster, you can sign-up for membership by following this link – cost is $10 for a 12 month membership.

What night would I play?

1) Paired Doubles – played out on a Sunday evening. Players will play with a partner of their choice for the duration of the roster. Players will record their partner’s name on this form. Entries will not be accepted until both players have completed this form. There is no limitation on who can be a player’s partner (i.e. MD or WD or XD). 

2) Combined open doubles – lower grades played out on Monday and higher grades on Tuesday evenings; players may be required to switch nights depending on wins and losses as part of the lightning roster format. 

3) Ladies only doubles – played out on Wednesday evenings.

4) Combined open singles – played out on Thursday evenings.

Further Information:

For the combined doubles, players who are borderline division 2/3, may need to be able to play on alternating nights each week due to the promotion or relegation from each side of the competition, this will only impact those moving up or down from the top and bottom pools each week (maximum of two people each week).

Each event costs $60 upfront and players are welcome to enter multiple events. Traditionally, each player generally needs to supply 1 or 2 shuttles each week (the exact amount will be determined by your pool at the start of each night). Shuttles are available to purchase from the canteen.