Committee Nomination Information

STBA Committee New Nominations

Members are welcome to nominate for upcoming positions on the STBA committee.  The following is some information to assist you in understanding what this entails!


The STBA committee meets regularly, at least once a month with additional meetings on certain activities or topics as needed.  Ideally, committee members will also help out as needed and take responsibility for certain activities or roles within the association (outside of the executive roles).  Your expected involvement may be a few hours a fortnight, or more if you have the ability to contribute further.


The typical responsibilities of the committee are:

  • Comply with all legislation, especially:
    • Association Incorporation legislation
    • Member protection, welfare and safety
    • Fund-raising legislation
    • Food handling legislation
    • Liquor licensing laws
  • Ensure the association is run according to its rules (constitution), purpose, policies and procedures.
  • Oversee the financial affairs of the association, ensuring the association stays solvent.
  • Ensure the sustainability of the association through members, facilities and resources
  • Deliver the association’s objectives and strategic plan
  • Create and contribute to the associations culture and ensure expectations are meet
  • Ensuring the sporting, competitive and social needs of members are met
  • Recruiting, empowering, recognising, rewarding and maintaining association volunteers
  • Creating and implementing a succession plan for all roles within the association. Ensure that the next generation of volunteers are being identified, developed and trained
  • Regularly communicate with association members
  • Collect, protect, maintain and hand over critical association information from one year to the next
  • Review, contribute and update actions and activities undertaken by the committee to manage and maintain the centre, the association and the various aspects of governance and running involved.


Over the last 12 months, the committee has undertaken a number of activities that have highlighted the need for skills/experience in certain areas.  We would strongly encourage any members who feel they have the skills and the time to contribute in these areas (below), to nominate:


  • Fundraising
  • Social Events
  • Legal/Contracts
  • Business
  • Processes/Risk Management


Please include details of these, or other skills you can contribute on your nomination forms.