Autumn Pennant Roster 2024 Registration

Registrations for the Autumn Pennant 2024 are now open.

This will be a 10-week roster with one week of finals commencing the week of the 19th February. There will be a spilt round over the Easter break.

Players will be placed into teams for a team-based doubles only roster, with 4 games of doubles (best of 3 sets) per player each night of play.

Grading night for new players or players that wish to be regraded will be Tuesday 6th February at 7pm.

Please note that this does not guarantee you will be moved up or down a division. This is conditional on numbers permitting and individual player skills and ability.

Please click 'submit' to proceed to payment. Please note that registration fees must be paid in full prior to your first night of play. For those wishing to pay in smaller amounts, click 'submit' then exit the PayPal screen, the STBA will be in touch to confirm individual arrangements.