Sunday Lightning Roster Series – Winter Round (Combined Doubles)


A five week competition, commencing on Sunday the 1st of August and concluding Sunday the 29th of August.

All games will start at 7:30pm and will be timeboxed to 9:30pm. 


– $50 entry fee

– Players must provide their own shuttles each week, usually 1 or 2 shuttles.

– Players must be a registered STBA member in order to play in the roster, you can sign-up for membership by following this link – cost is $10 for a 12 month membership.

What type of roster is running?

The Winter Round of the Sunday Lightning Roster Series will be a Combined Doubles, capped at 48 participants. 

  • From week 1, players are graded and placed on courts 1 – 12 in groups of four, where each player will play 3 doubles games, partnering each other player on the court.
  • At the end of each night, the player who finished in first place (based on their wins, sets taken and points) is then promoted up a court and the losing player is demoted down a court (obviously there are no changes made to the top of Court 1 and bottom of Court 12). 

What are the fees for the roster?

The roster costs $50 ($10 per week charged in an upfront registration fee). Shuttles are available to purchase from the canteen for $3 each or $35 for a tube.

What if you need a fill-in?

You are required to find your own fill-in to play for you if you are unavailable to play on any given week. In the lightning roster, the STBA must be informed of who the fill-in is prior to games commencing on the evening, and it must be marked on the sheet for the night’s games. Fill-ins cannot be promoted, however they can still be demoted. 

Fill out the below form to register:

Your submission will not be counted until you have paid on the next screen. You will receive a confirmation email when we get your nomination. You are expected to find your own fill-in player if you are unavailable to play (this can be done by posting on the 'Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association (Players)' group or you can visit Additionally you are required to pay your STBA Membership prior to commencing the roster.