Session Information


This page provides some details and a guide to the various public sessions, practice sessions, rosters, tournaments etc  which are conducted at the
 Badminton Centre.

Online Bookings

You can book your own court for you and your friends to play on. This is at a cost of $45 per court for a 2 hour session and can be done via our online booking system. We are offering sessions during the afternoon and evening of a weekday and also two separate afternoon sessions on the weekends. We are currently not loaning out racquets, however it is possible to buy shuttles at the reception ($3 for one or $33 for twelve). Please also be conscious of other sessions and bookings that may be occurring at the same time and ensure your behaviour and language is moderated accordingly.

Other Regular Sessions

Please note these are other regular sessions running most weeks but may have a different cost arrangement (such as including shuttles in the cost). These should be detailed below but if in doubt, ask when you arrive.

Tuesday After Work Session, 5-7pm
This session is designed for players who would like to fit in a badminton session between work and dinner.
It is aimed at both males and females of all abilities.
Cost: $15 per player
Shuttles are provided.
Alan Bottomley (0417 346 701) manages this session.

Vets Saturday Session, 5-7pm
This session was originally started by a group of “Over-40” players (hence the name Vets), but now anybody is welcome.
Cost: $15 per player
Shuttles are provided.
This session is managed by Henry Nissink.

Coaching Sessions

There are various coaching sessions conducted during a typical week. Speak to the coaches to find a coach and a session to suit you.
here for information on the coaches and their contact details.


August Lightning Roster

This competition will run for four weeks, commencing on the week of the 3rd of August and concluding the week of the 24th of August. We are offering three events:

1) Combined open doubles – played out on Monday and Tuesday evenings

2) Ladies only doubles – played out on Wednesday evenings (subject to numbers)

3) Combined open singles – played out on Thursday evenings

Combined events are open to both male and female players – everyone will be ranked according to their skill level.

Each event costs $40 upfront and players are welcome to enter multiple events.

Players of a division 1/2 standard are likely to play Tuesday evenings, while players of a division 3/4 are likely to play on Monday evenings. For players who are borderline division 2/3, you may need to be able to play on alternating nights each week due to the promotion or relegation from each side of the competition, this will only impact those moving up or down from the top and bottom pools each week (maximum of two people each week).

In addition to the $40 entry fee, players will also be responsible for supplying shuttles each week. Traditionally, each player generally needs to supply 1 or 2 shuttles each week (the exact amount will be determined by your pool at the start of each night). Shuttles are available to purchase from the canteen, via cashless payments only.

Entries for this competition close on Thursday the 30th of July.

Hobart Ladies Badminton, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 9:30 am to 12 noon.
The Hobart Ladies Badminton Association conduct 3 sessions each week, (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings). If you would like to join one of these sessions, please visit the
HLBA website.


Every year the STBA conducts a number of tournaments. Please check our What’s on page to see what’s coming up and when. Further details on our yearly tournaments is detailed below:

14 – 15 November