Session Information


This page provides some details and a guide to the various public sessions, practice sessions, rosters, tournaments etc  which are conducted at the
 Badminton Centre.
Please check the
STBA Centre Schedule for the latest dates and times, and to confirm a session is on.

Online Bookings

You can book your own court for you and your friends to play on. This is at a cost of $20 per hour, per court and can be done via our online booking system – normally times and courts are available Monday to Thursday, 5pm to 9.30pm. There may be some exceptions, and some weekend sessions are also made available – you can check availability by going to our booking system and available courts and times will show as green when you hover over them, or red if currently unavailable. Please be aware that there may not be the availability to hire racquets or buy shuttles during these times and you should plan to bring your own. We operate very much on the honesty of players, so please ensure you stick to the time and duration of your booking and finish without needing to be asked. Please also be conscious other sessions or bookings may be occurring at the same time and ensure your behaviour and language is moderated accordingly.

Public Sessions

Public Sessions are times when the centre is open for walk-in players. During these times players may come in groups or individually and seek to play on a court. An STBA session manager will be in attendance at these times to collect money, offer racquet hire or shuttle sales. In busy periods the session manager may refuse entry to more players (if courts are already full) and may ask players to join or share courts to maximise the players able to play games.

Public Session Costs

Cost: $10 for STBA Members / $15 for non-Members
Shuttles: $3 each
Racquet hire: $4 each. Please note the hire costs go towards new grips and re-stringing as needed, or purchasing new racquets.

Saturday Public Session, 7-9pm
This session is open to everyone.

Sunday Public Session, 3-5pm
This session is open to everyone.

Sunday Public Session, 5-7pm
This session is open to everyone.

Other Regular Sessions

Please note these are other regular sessions running most weeks but may have a different cost arrangement (such as including shuttles in the cost). These should be detailed below but if in doubt, ask when you arrive.

Tuesday After Work Session, 5-7pm
This session is designed for players who would like to fit in a badminton session between work and dinner.
It is aimed mainly at players of around Division 2 to Division 3 standard.
Cost: $15 Members / $20 non-Members
Shuttles are provided.
Alan Bottomley (0417 346 701) usually manages this session.

Friday Night Session, 7:30-9:30pm
This session is open to everybody.
Cost: $15 Members / $20 non-Members
Shuttles & racquets are provided.
This session is managed by Vicky Zhang.

Vets Saturday Session, 5-7pm
This session was originally started by a group of “Over-40” players (hence the name Vets), but now anybody over 30 is welcome.
Cost: $15 Members / $20 non-Members
Shuttles are provided.
This session is managed by Henry Nissink.

Coaching Sessions ~ various times
The STBA is home to a number of experienced and accredited coaches to assist you, whether you want to improve your techniques or vie for the top place in a tournament!

There are various coaching sessions conducted during a typical week. Speak to the coaches to find a coach and a session to suit you.
here for information on the coaches and their contact details.


Night Roster    Monday: Div 3,  Tuesday: Div 4,  Wednesday: Div 1,  Thursday: Div 2
The night roster is the competition level of game play conducted by the STBA.
It typically involves around 150+ players spread over ~30 teams and 4 divisions.
The STBA conducts 3 rosters per year. To play in one of these rosters you need to enter
online prior to the roster starting. Notice of new rosters will appear on facebook, this website, newsletter and email to members.

Super Smash Kids Roster  Saturdays, please check our booking system to see current time allocations.
Weeks of awesome badminton games & coaching 8 – 18 years in teams format for all abilities!
Great value with racquets and shuttles provided.
The Rosters are run on Saturday afternoons (2:00~3:30pm) during school terms but not during school holidays or when there is a weekend tournament  at the badminton centre.
More details can be found
Donna Meaghan organises and manages this Roster.

Short Format Doubles Roster – Sunday 7-9pm

Short Format Doubles Roster – Love your doubles? You might be interested in a doubles competition that normally runs for around 5 to 9 weeks. Play is Sundays 7-9pm, and you can check the current roster via our online booking system to see current dates, or keep an eye on this website, facebook and our newsletter for notice of new rosters.
– For registered players
the cost is $10.00 per week for the length of the roster, with the sum payable in advance or on the first night with players supplying their own shuttles. Anticipated shuttle usage is approximately 2 per player per night and shuttles will be available for purchase on the night.
Contact Eion Jennings at
[email protected]

High School Roster 4pm~6:30pm Friday afternoons.
This is a teams roster for High School students. Most of the games are at the South Hobart Badminton Centre but some of the matches use school facilities. The roster runs from mid May to around the end of August but not during the school holidays. Typically there are about 60 teams from the various High Schools in the Hobart area. Click
here for more information.
This competition is coordinated by
Rowan Henderson and Rose Meaghan.

College Roster  4pm ~6:30pm Wednesday afternoons
This is a teams roster for College students, similar to the High Schools roster (above) and runs from mid May to end of August. Typically about 20 teams compete. Click
here for more information.  This competition is also coordinated by Rowan Henderson and Rose Meaghan.

Hobart Ladies Badminton, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 9:30 am to 12 noon.
The Hobart Ladies Badminton Association conduct 3 sessions each week, (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings). If you would like to join one of these sessions or the Ladies casual session, please visit the
HLBA website.


Every year the STBA conducts a number of tournaments. Please check our What’s on page to see whats coming up and when. Further details on our yearly tournaments is detailed below:

This is typically conducted during a weekend in May.  It is open to everyone.

Typically conducted in early May.  
You need to be registered with an affiliated club (such as the STBA) to play in this tournament.

Events usually offered are: Open Mens Singles, Open Womens Singles, Open Mens Doubles, Open Womens Doubles, B-Grade events, C-Grade events, D-Grade events (sometimes), U15, U17 and U19 events.

This is a Teams event and is usually conducted on the second weekend in June. It is open to all players aged over 35 and is patronised by players from all around Tasmania.
The carnival, which is a 2-day event, has been held every year since 1990.
There are also Veterans carnivals conducted each year in
Launceston (usually in July) and Burnie (usually in September).

Usually conducted during June or July.  

You need to be registered with an affiliated club (such as the STBA) to play in this tournament.

Usually conducted during August.  

The venue for this tournament rotates around between the North Western, the Northern and the Southern badminton venues.
You need to be registered with an affiliated club (such as the STBA) to play in this tournament.


These are sometimes hosted in Hobart, and you need to have been selected into a State Team to play in one of these. Where possible we list these tournaments on our What’s on page, alternatively please visit the Badminton Australia site to view their national calendar.

The Ede Clendinnen Shield 
This is the national competition for the senior teams from the various States and Territories around Australia.

Under 15 (Val Nesbit) Carnival  
Rotates between venues around Australia. In 2014 it was hosted in Launceston.

Under 17 (June Bevan) Carnival 
Rotates between venues around Australia. In 2012 it was hosted in Hobart.

Under 19 (CP Maddern) Carnival 
Rotates between venues around Australia. In July 2014 it was hosted in Hobart.