January 2024 Holiday Clinics

Our Holiday Badminton Clinics are for junior players wanting to develop their game through expert coaching.

Players aged 7 to 18 years of age, of all skill levels, are welcome and are divided into two training groups on the first morning.

Beginner Group – Beginner players aged 7 – 18 years old (capped at 20 participants per clinic).

Intermediate Group – Intermediate players aged 10 – 18 years old (capped at 20 participants per clinic).

First Clinic (10th – 12 January: 3 days total)

Focusing on all-round badminton skills, and then offering tactical coaching on what skills to use in what situation.

From 10 am – 1 pm each day, with a daily 15-minute morning tea break (a small selection of food provided).

Second 3-Day Clinic (15th – 17th January: 3 days total)

Focusing on mastering the basics, along with guided training and refresher tips.

From 10am – 1pm, with a 15-minute morning tea break.

Venue for both clinics – H Thompson Badminton Centre, 101 Cascade Road, South Hobart


1 child

2 children

3 children

4 children

First clinic





Second clinic





Both clinics





You are only able to register additional participants if they are from the same immediate family, and if this is the case you will then be able to receive the discount in pricing per the above table.

Select the programs that you are paying for.