Find a Friend Baddy

Find a Friend Baddy

Find a Friend Baddy - Registration of Interest

What is Find a Friend Baddy?

Find a Friend Baddy is a session where we find you a friend or friends to play some baddy with. All you need to do is select the times where you're available, and on the Sunday of each week we will allocate you to a session for the upcoming week. Sessions cost $22.50 - this doesn't include shuttles or racquets.

Select all of the applicable times that you are free to play this week.

Please select all days that apply as you will then be more likely to be allocated to a specific session, also, ensure you only select days where you are available for all possible session times.

Select the applicable session type.

Terms and Conditions

I will strictly adhere to all protocols that have been implemented in order to ensure that the centre remains COVID Safe. There will be no misuse of the premises in any form and I am responsible for any damage caused whilst using the premises. I am responsible to ensure that all rubbish is placed directly into the bins provided around the centre, and that all of my belongings will be collected upon departure. I will ensure that booking times are strictly adhered to, and I will arrive 5 minutes before my session begins in order to allow for the check-in process. I understand we need to provide our own racquets and that if I would like to purchase shuttles I may only do so via cashless payment. I understand that we will be playing with the intention to 'get in, train and get out', in-line with the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport. I will not enter the centre if I have demonstrated any signs of sickness, no matter how slight. There will be no spectators allowed within the centre. There will be no alcohol or illicit substances consumed on the premises.

After you have submitted your expression of interest for a Find a Friend Baddy session, we will then contact you on the Monday of the week of the sessions with information regarding whether we have been able to allocate you to a session or not. After we have provided you with these details we will require $22.50 for the payment of the session which excludes a racquet and shuttles. Once you have paid the booking fee your session will be confirmed, and you will receive a confirmation of booking email.


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