Casual Sessions

Private Court Bookings

You can book your own court for you and your friends to play on. This is at a cost of $20 per hour for members and $25 per hour for non-members. Bookings are made through SportyHQ our online booking system.

However, we will be returning to Skedda as our booking system from February! Please make sure that you have created your Skedda account prior to February 1st, so that we can allocate you the membership rate if you are a member – follow this link to sign-up to Skedda!

We are open 11am – 9:30pm on a Monday, 9:15am – 9:30pm Tuesdays to Friday, and 11am – 7:30pm on the weekends, with some exceptions. 

We are now loaning out racquets for $5 per session, it is also possible to buy shuttles at the reception ($3 for one or $33 for twelve).

Please also be conscious of other sessions and bookings that may be occurring at the same time and ensure your behaviour and language is moderated accordingly.



Social Sessions

Tuesday After Work Session (4:30pm – 6:30pm)

This session is designed for players who would like to fit in a badminton session between work and dinner.
It is aimed at both males and females of all abilities.
Cost: $15 per player
Shuttles are provided.
Alan Bottomley (0417 346 701) manages this session.

Vets Saturday Session (5pm – 7pm)

This session was originally started by a group of “Over-40” players (hence the name Vets), but now anybody is welcome.
Cost: $15 per player
Shuttles are provided.
This session is managed by Henry Nissink (0408 447 698).