Autumn Pennant Competition Nomination


– Roster from 8th March to the 6th of May.

– Semi-finals on the 10th of May (Division 1 & 3) and 11th of May (division 2 & 4).

– Grand Finals on the 14th of May.


– 4 Matches per night

– All players in divisions 1 and 4 will play singles (division 4 singles will be one game played to 21 with setting)


– $10 per evening excluding shuttles which each player must provide. 

What night would I play?

– Monday – Division 3

– Tuesday – Division 4

– Wednesday – Division 1

– Thursday – Division 2


If you are unsure of your grade you will need to attend the grading session on the 1st of March at 7:30pm.


Nominations will close on the 1st of March, fill out the below form to register for the roster.