2023 Pennant 1 Nomination


– Roster begin the week of the 20/02 to the week of 01/05 with finals to follow in the following week (split round over Easter)
– Registrations are open now – fill in your entry at the bottom of this page. 
– Registrations close at 11:59 pm on 05/02.
– Grading Night is on the 31/01 from 7 PM for new players only, unless arranged prior.


– Doubles only (mix of mens/womens doubles and mixed doubles) 
– There will be a maximum of 6 players per team.
– Each player will play 4 games per night
– Games will be timeboxed from 7.15 PM to 10.30 PM (make sure you arrive on time.) Courts available to warm up from 7 PM


– $100 upfront payment upon registration (if you would prefer to pay in smaller instalments, please don’t hesitate to contact STBA staff). This fee accounts for court hire and administrative fees incurred throughout the offering, and is not reflective of a cost per week. If you sign up for the pennant, you are entering an agreement to pay the fee.
– Teams will be required to arrange their own shuttles (as directed by the STBA, which may change from time to time). The specific arrangements for this will be left to the discretion of your team captain – some teams may request a few dollars each week, while others may ask for $20 at the start of the roster. Please bring along some money in your first week just in case
– For junior players, ‘Ticket to Play’ can be used for this roster, please send an email to [email protected] with the relevant health care card details and the Ticket to play voucher code and we will facilitate the payment.

What night would I play?

–  We will endeavour to keep the same nights/division as we currently have (Division 1 – Wednesday Night, Division 2 – Thursday Night, Division 3 – Monday Night, and Division 4 – Tuesday Night).


– Grading Night is on the 31/01 from 7 pm for new players only, unless arranged prior. If you wish to discuss grading and growth opportunities, please let us know.

General Information

– All participants in the roster must be registered members of the STBA, there is a link from the home page that you can follow to register for membership, or you can pay on the first day of the roster. 
– If you know you will miss more than 3 weeks of play, please nominate as a fill-in only. Teams are balanced with players available and making changes mid-roster through frequent or permanent fill-ins will unbalance the teams. This may impact your ability to participate in future offerings.


– What night will I play?
This will depend on the number of entries received as we have been actively moving away from grading players into divisions depending on what nights they prefer to play. We will try to have things matched up as close as possible, but will depend on entries across the two offerings.

– Can I withdraw my entry?
Yes! What we suggest is that players fill in the nomination form, in the notes section add in a comment about what day/s you can/can’t play, and NOT complete the payment section (so you don’t lose the money out of your account and we don’t have to refund you). As we get closer to the closing date, we will advise those who have entered and our members as to the likely days of play, at which stage you can decide to finalise your nomination or request to withdraw.

Please note that this does not guarantee you will be moved up or down a division. This is conditional on numbers permitting and individual player skills and ability.

Please click 'submit' to proceed to payment. Please note that registration fees must be paid in full prior to your first night of play. For those wishing to pay in smaller amounts, click 'submit' then exit the PayPal screen, the STBA will be in touch to confirm individual arrangements.